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Marquees are perfect for all kinds of outdoor events and celebrations, these aren't just limited to weddings! For instance, these special tents work great for renaissance fairs! These do not just provide a nice look to the venue but they are also very functional. Renaissance fairs are all about the medieval period wherein there were fancy tents, castles, princesses and jesters, etc therefore marquees fit in perfectly because these are capable of rendering a 'vintage' or 'old' feel to the venue when decorated correctly. Thus, these make an extremely worthwhile investments or additions and one should definitely not do away with these for Renaissance fairs.

When you marquee hire walsall for use in a particular event, you will be able to enjoy an empty 'canvas' on which you can design or decorate as per your personal style. Also known as a 'mobile venue' or a 'transportable' venue, these would also offer the guests visiting the Renaissance fairs a place to take shelter in case of erratic weather. These marquees also provide a spectacular environment wherein a special event can take place. One can add stunning lighting and effects to a plain marquee in addition to following the decoration tipsfor best results!

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One of the best features of a marquee is that it is highly versatile, which means that it is capable of carrying different styles ranging from classic to vintage to functional to romantic styles to corporate events to Renaissance-themed fairs. One of the top tips for decorating hired marquees for Renaissance fairs is to treat it as though it is a part of the overall venue. This way, one would be able to follow the same theme and decorating style throughout, thus rendering a uniformed sophistication to the venue.

Traditional marquees are known to have high ceilings, but despite of this one can focus on creating drama and height to the tent for maximum impact. Another good idea for decorating the tent is that one can leave aside a certain portion of it to serve as a chill out area for guests to unwind and take a little breather. While you are at it, don't forget to throw in some couches or comfortable seats in order to create a rustic feel, just like how it used to be during the rustic Renaissance period!

If you want your party to be warm and inviting then you might want to add in an extra special element to the party. One of the top recommendations that you can add to the party would be fire pits or lighting flares. These create special warmth to the party atmosphere and they leave people desiring for more. If one wouldn't go for these then one might be interested in naturally breaking up the party. One of the best things about marquees is that it doesn't really take that much money for decorating the same, therefore getting your hired marquees to be all decorated for the same is something that one might be interested in!